Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Australia Plot

I read a disturbing piece on Power Line concerning John Kerry's sister's exploits in Australia. Power Line cites an article by Katherine Mangu-Ward of the Weekly Standard. It seems "Sister Kerry" is working overtime down under to undermine the re-election bid of Prime Minister John Howard, a major supporter of the US war on terror. As a Power Line contributor notes, a defeat of Howard would almost certainly mean the withdrawal of Australian troops from the coalition. This would be a major setback, not only to President Bush politically, but also to the military effort. Aside from the stalwart Brits, the Aussies are the next most capable and among the most enthusiastic supporters. I am hoping the Bush campaign is paying the requisite attention to this scheme. There is a strong possibility that the world could witness another victory for terrorists, much like they engineered with the Spanish election. GOP operatives: are you watching these developments?


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