Monday, September 27, 2004


It is impossible to hold strong political views without recognizing the economic basis of political events. American consumer spending is a driving force in the world economy. I believe it should be wielded for maximum effect. While on a micro level, you might be personally better off purchasing the cheapest items available that are made in China, what would be the macro effect of all Americans doing the same? Given the right information, buying American can make both economic and political sense. France is the most deserving target of a consumer boycott. It burns me up to think of the French stabbing us in the back while they profit from the sacrifices of our troops. They are the ultimate "free riders". Americans can punish French treachery by voting with their wallets. By all accounts, it is already happening. Tourism in France is down, and I've read that the French were forced to turn thousands of barrels of Beaujolais into vinegar due to slumping demand. Some day I hope to establish a web site focused solely on buying American and boycotting France, but for now, I will settle for highlighting French products to avoid and American products to patronize.


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