Monday, September 27, 2004

Welcome to Dollar Diplomacy

A few forces combined to get me started posting my own blog. I welcome your comments.

First among my motivations is my interest in the 2004 presidential election, which is truly a watershed event in history that will define the shape of civilization. We cannot waver against an enemy that seeks to destroy our way of life. The civilized world needs to acknowledge that our war is a war against militant Islam. Politicians are incapable of verbalizing this fact, just as they are incapable of voicing the need to control illegal immigration, or the necessity of overhauling social security. It is up to the educated and sentient American public to demonstrate the resolve needed to win such complex battles.

The Rathergate scandal prompted me to investigate the so-called "blogs" that had suddenly gained so much notoriety. I was quite impressed by the scope of subjects covered by various blogs, as well as by the insightful commentary. Like most Americans, I'd wager, I believe that the mainstream media has long been dominated by liberals. That's why traditional media outlets are up in arms at the surging popluarity of Fox News. I'm also a fan of Fox and a frequent viewer of The O'Reilly Factor. From what I've read so far, the blogs take the best elements of Fox/O'Reilly and substantially elevate the level of discourse and analysis. In short, I am impressed by what I found.

Until now, my main outlet for venting my political views has been on the BBC's 'Have Your Say' message boards. However, I quickly became frustrated by the Beeb's lopsided editorial approach. BBC editors routinely publish poorly written letters stating simplistic views and containing extensive grammatical and spelling errors. Many echo the refrain that "the US must address the root cause of terrorsists", or "the US must leave Iraq immediately." My carefully crafted letters expressing an American point of view never seem to get published. In fact, few letters reflecting a patriotic American's point of view ever seem to make it on the BBC web page.

Finally, I am a true believer in voting with your wallet. In this vein, I advocate boycotting France and other nations that deliberately sabotage our foreign policy, all the while benefiting as a "free rider.". While I also believe in free trade, I believe it is important to maintain some manufacturing in the US. American companies can and do produce many world-class products at competitive prices. Other things being equal, I think an American should buy American. To paraphrase an idea I read recently, there is more to life than buying products at the lowest possible price. I plan to highlight well-made and smartly-priced American products. I will point out common products made in France, as well as good alternatives to such products. The French can hate America all they want, but there must be a price for their treachery. That's where Americans and our wallets come in.

This should be a fun experiment to record my daily rantings on world events. If I can manage to help chip away at the influence of the liberal mainstream media, that will be an added bonus.


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