Monday, September 27, 2004

WMDs in Syria?

Many observers seem to agree that Saddam likely hid any WMDs in Syria or other neighboring countries. However, the argument never seems to get beyond mere speculation. I had the privilege of serving in (and coming back in one piece from) Operation Iraq Freedom from the beginning of the war. In fact, my unit, like many others, arrived in theater well prior to the start of combat. It is no military secret that hundreds, if not thousands, of vehicles transited from Iraq to Syria -- before and during the war. Afterwards I can't say. I would like to believe that our intelligence and special forces were closely monitoring such traffic, but the sheer volume and continuous flow makes me wonder whether this was even possible. My gut feeling is that even if we "had the goods" on Syria, our overextended military commitments leave us in no position to follow through on such information.


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