Sunday, October 03, 2004

Boycott Jack Daniels

Can this be hapenning? For a person such as myself, who has been actively boycotting French products, the idea of boycotting a once great American brand like Jack Daniels sounds like heresy. But the news that Jack Daniels has diluted its traditional recipe from 86 to 80 proof makes me truly irate. They had previously dropped the formula from the historical 90 proof to 86 without any detriment. Now it seems, either their marketing gurus or accountants have persuaded them to again lower the proof to 80. All this from a company that touts its "tradition." Who wants to support a hypocritical company like Jack Daniels? Johnnie Walker Black has always been my drink of choice around the world, but at home, it pays to drink an American whiskey. For years and years, my choice of American whiskeys was always Jack Daniels. No more. I will be switching to Jim Beam or Maker's Mark. I won't be won over by a "New Coke" ploy either. For JD to win my patronage again, they would have to revert back to the true original formula: 90 proof. Not much chance of that, so it's sayanara Jack.